Friday, June 12, 2020

Signs Of Life featuring TinaKristina


  1. Wonder what it's like riding on the coat tales of a famous musician knowing you suck and in the process sucking her talent and soul dry until she commits suicide to escape the leeches. Dolores was never going to be your life partner and the fact you thought she was just shows how stupid you were to start with. You are nothing more than a mere opportunity seeker and that's it. No talent piece of shit.

  2. AND I'm going to say what others should've said from the start including her band mates. The fact that you took advantage of a woman that was not only vulnerable from just getting divorced after being married for 20 years with three children, BUT one that was suffering from bipolar disorder and was clearly sinking fast evident by her own photos months, weeks, and days prior to her depart from this life just shows you were only interested in yourself being in front of the spotlight when you were a nothing until she brought you into her world ONLY because at the time she wasn't able to make clear choices from her bipolar episode which she was clearly suffering from again, clear as day in her photos, BUT you wouldn't know because you are too stupid to even understand what bipolar is about to start with you just wanted your fame by attaching yourself to her and what ever happens, happens. She wouldn't have even given you a second thought if she hadn't been in a bipolar episode AND if it hadn't been for her friend Andy convincing her to give you a shot which I would've tossed your tracks in the trash and went on about my day. YOU should be ashamed of yourself because it is YOU that pushed her over the edge and YOU should've kept your working relationship professional instead of seeking an opportunity to take clear advantage of a legend only to benefit yourself which is still clear by you posting her pictures and her bands name when you were no part of The Cranberries EVER. You say shit like she was your soulmate really?!? You couldn't even sing your own song that you claim you wrote for her because it was "too hard" so you had to get someone else to do it so you could sit back and collect up more spotlight from Dolores name and her band even though she is gone and try to get others to feel sorry for you in the process. Let me tell you about hard, Paul Hewson got on stage in front of hundreds of thousands of fans and sang to the heavens above for his father whom had passed away, that is true love. You are a joke. What you did is exactly what oppertunity seekers do and newsflash Dolores was not your soulmate that I know 100% without a doubt. As for your musicial talent, you don't even measure up to a street musician in a NY subway in talent and you got the nerve to be attaching yourself in posts to a band like The Cranberries that worked hard for years for the success they have today. You're lucky I wasn't part of The Cranberries back then because no way would you ever had opened for my band I would've thrown your arse off the stage personally. Now you are trying to get the attention of another band because you want to see if someone else might be vulnerable enough to let you suck on their celebrity soul so you can further your "going nowhere" career in music. You have no respect for Dolores or her family or even her children and that is pretty clear from your post found all over online. I don't care if you like what I have said, or if others have a problem with it too because it is the reality of the your situation.