Friday, March 25, 2016

Our New Website - D.A.R.K.

our new website is DARKOFFICIAL.COM thanks!

Dolores O'Riordan, Andy Rourke, Olé Koretsky


'Science Agrees'

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a free download of album track 'Curvy' 
D.A.R.K. is an unlikely collaboration between Dolores O’Riordan, Andy Rourke and Olé Koretsky. Dolores, known famously as the singer of The Cranberries. Andy Rourke is best known as the inimitable bass player in one of the most important British bands ever, The Smiths. The third and final member is Olé Koretsky, a songwriter, producer and DJ based in New York.
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  1. Wow, Andy Rourke from The Smiths is in a band called D.A.R.K! My boyfriend and I went to see The Smiths years ago when they played in Manchester. It was a fantastic night! Andy is a great musician. He is also a thoroughly good guy and has been active in raising money for cancer research. Additionally, the brother of one of my friends went to the same school in Manchester that Andy did. Will definitely be going to see D.A.R.K. when they come to Manchester.

    Brenda @ Firs Marketing

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog as I am a big fan of the smiths. I would love to hear this album as it seems to be made by a great mix of very talented people. I love the title as well and will definitely be checking it out. It's always good to discover new music.

    Edwin @ Clicks In Motion

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